3 Amazing Holiday Destinations You Might Like

Are you wondering where to go on a holiday this year? Don’t you want to try something different and unusual? Don’t you want to go somewhere where nobody will find you – away from your boss and the everyday problems? Don’t you want to have an unforgettable experience?

When the time for travelling comes, people start wondering where to go, so to experience something new and pleasant. The choice is really hard, especially when you can afford everything and want to explore the whole world. The lack of time stops us, though, and we usually visit one destination per holiday. This is not that bad, of course, because you have more time to enjoy and explore your choice of a travel spot.

Today I’m going to share with you three amazing holiday destinations, which you might like to visit this year:


India is the second biggest in population country in the world, and one of the most interesting places in Asia. It offers lots of adventures and places to visit, plus there are plenty of activities to be done in the country. The mixture of religious, ancient and modern lifestyle make the country very colourful and extraordinary. Moreover, its exotic climate will make your holiday even better. You can enjoy your time while sunbathing on the beautiful beaches, or explore the ancient and cultural landmarks in the country.

Not only that India is an amazing country, but the locals are very hospitable, too. They will accept you as one of them and will never lead you down. The cuisine in the country is also very interesting and delicious. A lot of spices are used in Indian meals, which makes them very tasty and appetizing. You will certainly love them.


If you are tired of hot and exotic destination, and you want to enrich your knowledge of history and Russian culture, you should definitely go to Russia. The country has a lot of glorious cities, which house a lot of places of interest. Plus the night life and cuisine are spectacular. You can practically never get bored in Russia. Mind that the climate is a little rough there, and that you will need at least two weeks to explore a city like Moscow or St. Peteresburg.


Peru is a country located in the north-west part of South America, and is a very adventurous place. It is mainly famous for Machu Picchu, which was once home to the ancient Incas. Machu Picchu is an ancient pre-Columbian city located on a mountain ridge in the Cusco Region, above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. There are two ways to reach this archaeological site – either by train or by trekking and hiking. You will definitely love both ways of travelling to this magnificent place. Be prepared for a huge adventure, though.

I hope you will like my holiday destinations suggestions, and will enjoy exploring them. Good luck and have fun when on a holiday.

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