3 Quick Tips How to Install Decorative Letters

If you are wondering how to make your boring white wall look unique, then let me give you an idea. Why don’t you put up decorative letters on it? If you like the idea, then in the next lines I will give you the tips you need to accomplish this mission as successfully a possible. And here are my 3 quick tips how to install decorative letters on walls.

1. We all know how powerful the words can be. Therefore, there is not anything batter than writing something meaningful on your wall. And to make the place look even more unique, you should not use paint for the purpose, but 3D letters.

2. If you want to decorate your boring wall with colourful 3D letters in different sizes, then do it. Begin the procedure by making a decision about what you want to write on the wall and where you want to place it. Then you need to visualize the project by testing it first. Put up the letters on the wall in the order you want them to be fixed, but don’t fix them yet. You can also make a sketch in order to display your idea more easily. Mark the spot of each of the letters on the wall with a pencil. My Cleaners in West Kensington recommend using pencil not a marker for the marking of your walls because if you change your opinion about the position of the letters, it will be much easier for you to clean up the pencil from the wall than the marker. When you know where you want your 3D letters to be fixed on the wall, then you can continue to the next step.

3. When you know exactly how you want your 3D letters to look like, it is time to install them on the wall. If your letters are heavy and large, then use nails or hooks to fix them. For smaller letters you can use strips.

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