A Helicopter Crashes into Crane in London

Picture: Wayne Courtney / @waynieboy75/ Twitter

A helicopter has crashed into a crane in central London today at about 8:00 GMT.

Police has reported that the aircraft has hit a crane on top of a building near Wandsworth Road in South Lambeth. They don’t have any other information yet, though, and can’t confirm any casualties.

Picture: Nic Walker / @Nic0 / Twitter

The London Fire Brigade department said that there were more than sixty firefighters at the scene. It has been really strenuous for them, as they also attended the second accident scene with the crane, which was in a very precarious position on St. George’s Wharf tower.

Witnesses and people living in the area said, that there was an enormous bang, and lots of smoke. Paul Ferguson, ex-BBC producer, said that the helicopter “plummeted straight into the ground”. He also added, that the building hit by the helicopter was shrouded in mist.

Picture: Quinn Murray / Twitter

This really is a terrible accident. So far, there is no information about any casualties, except for the pilot of the chopper, who is believed to have been alone in the machine.

Stay tuned for more information about this case on BBC website.

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