A Robot Commits Suicide, Got Tired of Cleaning

vacuuming robot

A vacuuming robot in Austria got tired of cleaning and killed itself, says the German newspaper “Metro”. This is the first case of suicide committed by a high-tech vacuum cleaner.

The robot used to clean the same areas every day in the house of its owner in the German town Hintershtoder. According to the owner the machine was switched off when the whole accident happened. The appliance is supposed to have switched on on its own somehow, after which it pushed a boiling pot from the stove and took its place to kill itself. The whole story is quite confusing, as the owner of the robot seems to have left his house with a switched on stove and a switched off vacuum cleaner. Firefighters say that they found the melting robot on the stove, and this accident happily didn’t cause the death of humans. The whole building was evacuated because of the melting machine.

This accident really is confusing because there are lots of unclear facts about the whole situation. The owner of the machine intends to sue the manufacturer of the robot, as he wants someone to pay for the damages. I’m not sure how he will prove someone’s guilt, though.

In my opinion, this whole “accident” is on purpose, because someone wants to gain benefits and make some renovations in his apartment. I don’t want to believe that there are so stupid people to endanger the lives of others in such a primitive way, though. This guy, who possesses the suicidal robot, should go to prison if I’m right.

It really is nonsensical to allege that a machine without any intellect could commit suicide. How is this even possible? It got tired of cleaning, so it jumped on the stove? Absolute balderdash! Who would believe such a story, anyway?!

It is clear that the owner of the robot left it on the stove on purpose, so that he can put the manufacturer on trial for money.

Anyway, folks, avoid such actions, and avoid the use of cleaning robots. It is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner from Esher, London to freshen up your carpet than to buy a vacuuming robot.

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