Alternative Wood Cleaners

Wood is a great natural material, especially for furniture. You probably have several wooden furniture pieces in your home, that need wiping and cleaning to look their best. Read this article and find out which are the alternative wood cleaners.

You can find many commercial product for wood available in the stores, but they aren’t the only thing you can clean your furniture with. According to professional cleaners Bethnal Green, there are 3 more things to try for spotless furniture – tea, beer and blow-dryers. It sounds ridiculous, but it actually works.

Tea, that is freshly brewed works magic on wooden floors and furniture pieces. It’s natural and much cheaper then commercial cleaning products. All you have to do, is to boil water, put three or four tea bags in and let it cool. Moisten a cloth with the solution and wipe all wooden surfaces with it. Dry with a soft cloth after. No rising needed, because tea is a natural ingredient.

You can use a blow-dryer when dealing with wax stains on wood. This way you will remove them without any risk of scratching the surface. Turn the hair-dryer on it’s lowest setting to melt the wax and use a paper towel for wiping. For even shinier wooden surfaces, you can make a solution from water and vinegar in equal parts to apply on the area.

Old flat beer doesn’t have to be thrown away. Not if you know the fact, it has another useful purpose. According to cleaners Bethnal Green, you can use it to restore the shine of your wooden table. Pour it on a soft cloth, wipe the surface and buff to dry with another cloth at the end.

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