Amazing Facts About Recycling

Amazing Facts About Recycling

In the article below, you will find a few of the most amazing facts about recycling. Learn how you help the environment and how much material actually go to the landfills. The cleaners in London are going to help with their best tips and interesting advice.

The cleaning London team of professionals is going to share with you some amazing facts about recycling. Learn a few interesting things about the process that we all call recycling.

1.Recycling stack of newspapers high four-foot will save a whole pine tree.

2.Recycling only one tons of newspapers saves up to 20 trees. Think well before throw away your newspaper next time.

3.The cleaners in London say that with every recycled glass bottle, there is saved energy enough to power a bulb for a few hours.

4.The motor oil can contaminate the drinking water. Only one quart of motor oil can pollute more than 250 thousands of water in rivers and lakes. That’s why it’s important to be recycled. Contact the cleaning London professionals and learn exactly how.

5.With every single recycled aluminium can, you save energy which can power your TV for up to three hours – it’s time for your favourite show, isn’t it?

6.Every ¼ of the price of every products in the store is for packagings. Can you even imagine how much we spend for a packaging that we just simply throw away?

For many more tips and amazing facts about recycling, contact the cleaners in London who will help you instantly.

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