Best Techniques to Clean Your Carpet

There are a lot of different stains and different carpet fabrics. That means that there a lot of different cleaning solutions. It’s really impossible to know all the available options on how to clean your carpet and stains off it. But there is one system that should help you to remove any kind of stains and we’ll call it “Stain removal pyramid”.

Cleaners London share with us the steps that you should follow according to the pyramid. The first step is the weakest and the last one – the strongest. So follow them consequently and use each of them only one at a time. Rinse well, if you have to move to the next one.

1. Blot up the excess liquid and spray some water. Blot up again. You can also use a sparkling mineral water, because it works much better than tap water.

2. Now, it’s time for the cleaning solution. Add one tablespoon of dish washing detergent into 100 ml of lukewarm water. Rinse with cold water to remove the solution completely.

3. Step three is dedicated to the white vinegar. Mix it with water in proportion 1:2. It helps mostly for stains with strong odour.

4. These steps didn’t help? It’s time for ammonia then. Add 20 ml of ammonia into 60 ml of water. It really helps, especially with blood or chocolate stains.

5. We are passing on a higher level. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide. It’s very useful for stains caused by tomatoes, red drinks, coffee, fruit juice and grass.

6. The strongest of all remains the alcohol. It’s really helpful for oily stains.

Contact professional cleaners in London for more tips on how to clean your carpeting.

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