Can Pyjamas Ever Have Attitude? Answer: YES!

Under ConstructionAlthough not related to a domestic topic, I came across a wonderful Kickstarter project, which I believe most of you will appreciate. It’s called Pyjama Pajama and as the name can indicate, it’s trying to fund a line of pyjamas for children. I remember as a child how often I loved being in pyjamas during the weekend, the small child’s rebellion against things like “getting out of bed”. But I certainly felt restricted by what I could wear as pyjamas. It was usually all gown and in pink or peach, which just pigeonhole girls into a very restrictive gender role.

Pyjama Pajama attempts to cause pyjamas to evolve and it does so by allowing parents and children choose designs on their own, which is also a very healthy way to express themselves. Also, most designs are tied to a certain thematic area rather than notions about gender. You will find pyjamas with certain animal or item, tailored to incorporate factual information. Pyjamas are now a tool to educate, which is something that clothing hasn’t been seen as, which I consider a real breath of fresh air.

I have already joined as a backer. Will you?

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