Carpets – the Perfect Addition to Your Living Room

area Persian rugA lot of people underestimate the comfort and warmth that carpets and rugs bring into a living room. It is very wrong to think that there is no difference between soft floorings and hard floorings. They have different properties and appearance, and both of them make your living room look miscellaneous. Soft floorings add a few extra qualities to your parlor, making it warmer, cosier, softer, and more stylish. You can choose between different types of carpets and rugs, depending on your interior and taste. There are wool, synthetic, natural and Persian carpets. They are all made of different materials and are decorated in various patterns and colours. I will tell you what are the pros and cons of these types of soft floorings below.

First of all, I want to state that you can choose an area rug or a wall-to-wall carpet for your living room. It is your choice which of these you’ll pick, but it is my mission to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both of them.

  • Area rugs are more practical, in my opinion, because they are easier for maintenance. They are smaller and can be taken outside at the sun to grab sun rays and to be beaten up a little bit. If they are steam cleaned, their movability will give you the opportunity to take them out to dry naturally. They can also be moved at different places in your living room when you want to rearrange the furniture and to make your parlor look differently. The bad about area rugs is that they don’t isolate the ground in all parts of the room.
  • Wall-to-wall carpets are good because they isolate the whole room. They are a lot harder for maintenance, though, and their cleaning is usually more tiresome and more expensive. In most of the cases, you will have to use professional cleaning services to restore the good looks of your flooring. Another disadvantage is that they dry slower when you steam clean them, and they are more boring in my opinion. They can’t be moved and they always look the same. And if you want to rearrange your furniture, you might find out that all pieces of your furnishings have left marks on your wall-to-wall carpet.

Types of fabrics for carpets:

Natural Materials

SeagrassThis group includes all fabrics made from plants and animal hair. Such are jute, sisal, seagrass, coir and others. These floorings are very Eco-friendly and if your whole interior is designed in this direction, they will look very natural and stylish. They are easy for maintenance, because they have anti-static properties and don’t absorb dust. They only have to be vacuumed to be kept clean. But when a stain happens, you can’t remove it easily. In fact, you might not be able to remove it at all, if you don’t act quickly and blot the excessive liquid immediately. These floorings are not appropriate for a living room, if you have a fireplace, because they are highly inflammable.

Synthetic Materials

polypropylene carpetThese include nylon, polypropylene, and polyester and acrylic fibres. These carpets are very popular because they are the cheapest option on the market. They are also easy for maintenance and all stains can be removed from them. They wear out pretty fast, though, and can’t be steam cleaned. They are a very good option for a living room, though. I personally have such carpets at home, but I’ve put them in my bedrooms, not in the living room.

Wool and Persian Carpets

wool-rugI will put these in one group because both of them are woven from natural wool fibres. The difference is that Persian carpets are very colourful and each pattern is a symbol of something. Wool carpets are my favourite ones, and I have such a flooring in my living room. They are very easy for maintenance and can be cleaned with all types of cleaning techniques. They don’t wear out as easily as synthetic carpets, but they have another disadvantage – they absorb too much dust. People who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems might have to clean these every day in order to keep them completely dustless. Wool carpets also require professional carpet cleaning from time to time, because expert carpet services prolong their life and remove even deeply stuck filth.

So, these are the options for a living room flooring. It is up to you which type of carpets and rugs you’ll choose and put in your parlor.

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