Cleaner London: Tips on Steam Cleaning a Carpet

Cleaner London: Tips on Steam Cleaning a Carpet

How do you clean your carpet? Have you ever tried to steam clean it? Do you know that steam cleaning brings back the colours of your flooring? What else do you know about steam cleaning?

According to some specialists, like Cleaner London, steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method. It cleans the rug deep and refreshes its colours. It is a tricky process, though. If you decide to do it on your own, there are some things that you must know in advance. Here they are:

  • First of all, you must check if your carpet can be steam cleaned. Some floorings must not be treated with hot steam, as it will damage their fibres, or might discolour them.
  • When you start steam cleaning, be careful not to dampen the rug too much, as it will need more time to dry. Moreover, if moisture reaches the surface under the carpet, it might result in growing mould.
  • When you finish steam cleaning, make sure your flooring is absolutely dry before you start using it again. If you don’t leave it to dry, it might start growing mould and smell very bad. If you suffer this problem, don’t steam clean again, but sprinkle bicarbonate of soda or cornstarch all over the carpet, leave it for a night and vacuum in the morning. These products absorb all kinds of odours.

If you are not sure that you’ll manage to steam clean your carpet on your own, do not try at all, but hire a cleaner London to do it for you. It is better to spend some money on professional cleaning services than to ruin your flooring, especially if you have an expensive Persian rug.

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