Cleaning Must-Haves

It would be misleading to claim that cleaning process is easy. Cleaning and maintaining the house is an endless and hard job. You need different cleaning tools and materials to keep everything clean and neat. I would advise the newbies to follow our list of cleaning must-haves and make the cleaning process faster and easier.
1.    Vacuum cleaner – this basic tool must be found in every house.  Choose a cleaner that has a good filtration system.  Look for not very expensive ones, but for brands that are well known and reliable.
2.    All purpose cleaners – they are the best tools to wipe the dirt and grime away from your home. They can be used on all sorts of surfaces: from leather to ceramic. Many of them kill germs, too.
3.    Dishwasher – this is one of the “greenest,” economical and time-saving home items you can have. Washing the dishes by hand is a waste of time. Plates and cups, processed in a dishwasher look as shiny as new ones.
4.    Rubber gloves – wearing a good pair of gloves will prevent the skin of your hands and your nails from being damaged.
5.    Baking soda – a simple product that could make miracles in the fight with germs, bacteria and horrible smells in your kitchen.
6.     Sponges/scrubbers/ microfiber cloths – every house needs these simple but necessary tools for cleaning. Remember, they must be changed often, because can breed bacteria, germs or dust mites.
All these items must be present in your home for everyday cleaning purposes. But the big and deep cleaning should be left to the professional cleaners Pimlico is proud of. Every new season you should order an end of tenancy cleaning Pimlico professional companies provide for their customers and you can make from your house a real home.

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