Cleaning Your Car Using Gloves

This is quite easy and you can do it in about half an hour. The thing all men forget is using gloves. I personally haven’t seen a man who ever does, and I can’t understand why. Having in mind that you don’t use beauty products or gloves, do you have any idea what happens to your skin? Understand there is nothing more repellent than a man with dirty and rough hands.

You may think that I’m talking rubbish but have you thought why we use gloves? I assume you haven’t. All of the cleaning agents that we use everyday are harmful to our skin. It’s not just about beauty but about your health too – after a while your pelt starts peeling of wound appear and so on. The only way is either not to do anything or to wear gloves. But not just any kind. The best are latex free gloves which we use for house cleaning.

Even Woman Should Use Gloves

They won’t bother you at all once you try – they’re flexible enough not to trouble you, and your hands will stay dry and clean. Now about that car – first get a pair of latex free gloves. Your wife or girlfriend surely has some. Get some cleaning products and get in your car. It’s very important to start from the inside out. If you’re going to do it at least do it the right way.

First in order are the seats – get the vacuum cleaner and try not to miss any spot because, the dust isn’t just dirt, it is also dead skin and you don’t want to breathe in your own skin. Next is the control panel and all other plastic, or wooden parts in the car. Get a bottle of cleaning agent and read carefully, because some of them erode plastic, ask a woman – the best solution. Clean thoroughly every part and leave it for about five to ten minutes. Afterwards comes the polishing part and you’re finished with the inside.

Now is a good time to change the gloves because they’re probably dirty and greasy. I told you there is a difference – how are your hands? I forgot to mention it is better to use powder free non latex gloves because, many people have developed an allergy to latex and the powder feels wired if you hands sweat. There that’s better – now take a sponge and a bucket of water. Ask again which cleaning product is better. Have in mind that you may need to clean the car windows again with another agent.

That’s it, half an hour, some inquiring, preparation and a pair of latex free gloves. Your car is clean and your hands – protected. Since you took them from your girlfriend or wife order some here.

Author Jane Andersen writes for Shop Fantastic Cleaners  – a company providing Cleaning Accessories and Latex Free Gloves in London with a 100% Clean Guarantee by screened and trained carpet cleaners.

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