Closed Micro-Ecosystems and How They Work

Have you ever heard of closed micro-ecosystems or the so called gardens in bottles/jars? Have you ever tried to grow one in your house? Do you know how to do it? Are you interested to learn how to grow your own garden in a bottle? I can give you a hint. Just keep on reading.

Closed micro-ecosystems are very interesting and specific, as they are completely independent from outside factors. The only thing they get from the outside world is light and temperature. You can see a forty-year old micro-ecosystem on the picture above. It has been opened only once for these forty years, just to be watered lightly. It continues its existence on its own, now. The plant in the bottle is one from the kind Tradescantia and has managed to reproduce itself to this level. You probably wonder how it has survived in a closed bottle all these years.

Well, the processes in the bottle are the same as outside it. It has become the world for this plant. It photosynthesises and emits steam and oxygen, which cool down when they reach the walls of the bottle and leak down to the bottom again to moisten the soil. It is a complete circle of life. When dry and dead leaves fall on the bottom of the bottle and start rotting they emit the vital for the plant carbon dioxide. And that is how this plant has survived.

garden in a jarI know this sounds pretty amazing but it is possible, and everyone can grow his own garden in a jar. If you want to isolate the jar from the outside world even more, you can keep the jar in a bigger transparent container with water. This is a great way to grow a garden if you are living in a flat in a big city like London. And what is better, this type of garden doesn’t need any cares. You just have to provide it with the needed amount of sunlight and warmth, and you can just watch the plants grow.

So, if you want to have your own closed micro-system at home, don’t waste time and sow some seeds in a jar. Gardeners from Morden advise that you pick a bigger jar, because who knows, your garden in a jar might outlive you.

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