Creative Garden Ideas

Every person in London and in United Kingdom wants to have a garden, which to welcome him/her every time he/she gets back home. Gardens are really great, because they not only bring a lot of colour to a house, but also filtrate the air around it. Moreover, it is proved that people who have gardens in their yards are more joyful.

Having a garden is easy, but maintaining it is the real problem. You need a lot of time, and have to put some efforts in order to keep your yard in a good condition. Plus, it is good to decorate it a little bit and make it more cosy. Here are a few creative ideas for your garden, offered by Fantastic Gardeners London:

Soda Cans

Soda cans can be of great use in your garden and yard. They are wonderful for pots and for decoration. You can paint them in whatever colour you want and plant flowers in them. You can hang them on a wall, or arrange them in some order on the ground. They are also good for making extraordinary art. You can cut their sides with snips in different figures, bend them in different directions and paint them in different colours.


If your garden is big, an arbour will look wonderful in its centre. You can paint the arbour in the same colour as your house, or you can paint it in the colour of the flowers that surround it. Moreover, you can decorate your pavilion with different flowers and outdoor accessories. Mind that if you choose to build an arbour, you will have to make a some kind of a path to it. It can either be wooden, or made of pavement.

Fun areas

You can separate your garden in different areas, decorated in a different manner. You can make an area with an arbour, as I said above; you can make an area with a colourful garden seat and pavement – paint a few dozens of river stones in different colours and arrange them as a border for the colourful area; make a playground for your little ones – you can install a cradle and a slide, and make a sandpit.

Rainbow tire planters

Take seven old tires and paint them in the colours of the rainbow. Arrange them as a rainbow, and fill them up with soil. Plant different kinds of flowers in the tires and enjoy the result when they grow up.


A firepit in the garden will definitely bring a lot of warmth to your family. People have been gathering around firepits ever since fire has been invented. If you choose to build one in your yard, you will spend a lot of joyful nights around it with your family and friends. You can make barbecues there in summer, or bake marsh-mallows in autumn.

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