Creative Ideas for Tree Stumps/Trunks

tree stump houseSo, two months have passed since I last posted in the blog, which is quite a lot for me. I’ve been busy, though, and I didn’t have enough time to catch up with the posts. Unlike me, my colleagues John Atkinson, Rebecca Owen, Cambell Mikes, Paul Parcker and Jane Andersen have done a great job with their educative and informative posts. Thank you, guys, and keep up with the good work.

OK. I think that would be enough gratitude for now, so I’ll move to the point of this post. It is about old tree stumps and tree trunks, and what we can use them for. Despite the fact that these tree parts are great to light a fire and warm yourself up, they are also good for realising some creative, decorative and practical ideas. See them below:

A Tree Stump Planter

tree stump planterWe all have that old hollowed tree stump in our yard, which we don’t want to to pay for to be removed. It is of no use, though, and it only takes space and houses termites. Well, why don’t you turn it into a planter. Remove its guts, you will probably need some special tools for that, but it is not hard at all. When you remove the inside of the stump, fill it up with soil and plant some beautiful flowers in it. I suggest that you pick flowers from the same kind but with different colours. The stump planter will look very beautiful. You can even polish and lacquer the stump in order to prolong its live as a planter and to repel termites.

A Tree Trunk Planter

tree stemThe same idea as the above, but instead of a tree stump, a tree trunk is used.

A Tree Trunk Sofa

tree trunk sofaA sofa made of natural wood looks wonderful in a garden. It is not very easy to turn a huge tree trunk into a sofa, though. You will probably need professional help and some special equipment for that. Mind that this kind of sofa is not very comfortable, and you might have to consider either to cover it with cushions, or to use it only as decoration of your green space.

A Whole Set of Garden Furniture

tree trunk furnitureHow about a table, two benches and an armchair made of a tree trunk and it’s thick branches? It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

A Checkerboard Stump

tree stump checkerboardWhy not? Especially if you have a playground area in your garden. Paint the old tree stump and use upper thinner pieces of it’s trunk as stools. It will be a magnificent area to spend some time with your children.

A Tree Stump Table

tree stump tableUse the old tree stump as a base and put an oval or circle board over it to make a creative garden table. Why spending a bunch of money on expensive garden furniture when you can make it on your own?

A Natural Vase

natural vaseTake a medium sized piece of log and drill a hole in it, big enough to take a glass vase. Lacquer the piece of log afterwards and put the vase in it once it dries. Now you have a beautiful natural vase.

A Trunk or Stump Birdbath

birdbathThis idea is like the first one with the planter. On the picture above you can see a birdbath made of a whole tree trunk. It looks like a baby cradle a little bit, but it isn’t. (It is a nice idea to make a cradle for your baby out of a tree trunk, though.). The same idea for the birdbath can be implemented on an old tree stump. Make a big whole in it, put a metal or another type of container and fill it up with water. You will definitely attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden.

I hope you like my ideas for tree stump usages. Just have in mind, that they can’t be implemented on all tree stumps and trunks. Before you decide to turn your trees into some of the above, consult with a professional tree surgeon from Ealing, if they are appropriate and strong enough for the purpose. Otherwise, you might spend your money to no purpose and what’s even more important – you might get hurt.

More of these great ideas can be found on this Pinterest board.

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