Delicious Meals Served in Restaurants

Do you eat outside often? What type of restaurants do you mainly visit – luxurious or fast food? Which is your favourite meal? Haven’t you ever wanted to know how they prepare it, and why it never gets as delicious as in a restaurant when you cook it at home? Do you care about the hygiene in eating houses which you visit?

Today I will give you a list of my favourite meals served in eateries:

Sea Food

Ceviche – this a very fresh meal, which can be eaten as an appetizer and as a main course meal. It is sating enough and very refreshing, too. For one portion you need one or two sea wolf fillets or a tuna steak. Chop the fish in dice and put it in a bowl. Take a grapefruit, an orange, and a lime and squeeze their juices. Mix the juices together and let them stay until you prepare the rest of the products. Take one red onion and chop it in slices. Add them to the juice, and flavour the mixture with some salt, black pepper and coriander. Add some olive oil, too, and pout the sauce over the fish. Cover the meal with plastic wrap and leave it for fifteen minutes. The acid in the citrus juices will cook the fish and will make it wonderful. This is a dish, which originates from Peru, and has lots of variations, and I adore all of them. It can be prepared with other types of fish and shells, too. The original recipe also contains aji amarillo, or amarillo chilli – a very hot chilli pepper. In England these peppers are called Bishop’s crown.

Grilled sea wolf fillet with grilled veggies – this is my favourite main course meal of fish. The fillet gets ready very fast and you don’t have to wait for hours until they serve it. The vegetables get ready fast, too, and add a very smoky flavour to the whole dish. Flavoured with balsamic vinegar, salt, dill, parsley and olive oil, they become very juicy and tasty. The whole meal is very delicious and sating, and will give you the needed daily portion of nutrition, vitamins and fibres.

Beef and Pork

Although, red meat is a little more caloric than it should be, it is very delicious and I love it. My favourite beef meal is very simple – semi-grilled chops with French fries. You can’t get fries in a renown restaurant, but you can replace them with stewed veggies and mashed potatoes. Pour the meal with a Gravy sauce and you will have something amazing.

My favourite recipe for pork is also very simple – I love pork cutlets, chops, steak, fillets and everything. Grill the meat and garnish it with stewed vegetables or roasted potatoes. The Gravy goes well with this dish, as well. Too bad there aren’t many restaurants in London, which serve pork meat.

This is only part of my favourite restaurant food, but I will stop here, because I got hungry. I will just tell you that these meals would never be delicious if the cooks prepared them in dirty kitchens. Most restaurants in the British capital use commercial kitchen cleaning services to maintain the hygiene according to the standard. If you want to prepare them at home, make sure you cook in a spotless room and utensils. Cheers!

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