“Did You Know” Facts About Japan

Japan is a beautiful country in Asia, which in the recent years has turned into one of the largest and most powerful economies in the world. The country has a lot of spectacular landscapes and landmarks, and offers tons of interesting activities to do. The people in Japan are very disciplined and stick to their routines very strictly, and that is probably the essence of their prosperity. They have their weirdness, of course, and are even sometimes judged as freaky.

Here are a few “did you know” facts about Japan, which will certainly amaze you:

  1. Did you know that in Japanese schools teachers and children clean every day for exactly fifteen minutes? This routine has created a whole generation of cleanliness lovers.
  2. Did you know that every dog owner in Japan has to carry a bag when walking his/her dog to pick up dog droppings?
  3. Did you know that professional cleaners and hygiene workers in Japan are called “health engineers” and can get a salary from 5000 to 8000 American dollars per month? Of course, they hold written and oral exams before they get this position.
  4. Did you know that there aren’t natural resources in Japan and that the country suffers hundreds of earthquakes a year? Despite these facts, though, Japan is the second largest economy in the world.
  5. Did you know that Hiroshima recovered from the atomic bomb in just ten years?
  6. Did you know that talking on a mobile phone in a restaurant, train or anywhere else indoor in Japan is forbidden?
  7. Did you know that Japanese people don’t use servants, although they are some of the richest in the world? They take care of their houses and children on their own.
  8. Did you know that people in Japan don’t waste food? If you don’t believe me, you can go to a buffet restaurant in Japan, you will see that locals only eat as much as they need.
  9. Did you know that trains in Japan are almost never late? The average rate of train delays is seven seconds per year.
  10. Did you know that children in Japan brush their teeth after every meal, even in school? They are taught to maintain their health from very early age.
  11. Did you know that students in Japan take half an hour every day to finish their meal and to ensure proper digestion?

Japan and its citizens are very interesting, aren’t they? They have strange-to-us and very different-from-ours habits, but they follow them strictly, as they are brought up to do so. If you want you can try some of these routines and see what influence they are going to have upon your everyday life.

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