Eco-friendly Paint Types and Flooring Materials

Today more and more people are decorating their homes with eco-friendly materials and this is why we have decided to present to you eco-friendly flooring materials and paints which you can use to decorate your household.

Marmoleum is made of materials which can be harvested such as wood flour, cork, natural resins and linseed oil. Marmoleum is a renewable flooring material and this is why it is getting more and more popular nowadays. Marmoleum is an easy to clean material which won’t consume a lot of your time to maintain it in good shape.

Many consider bamboo as the most eco-friendly flooring material on the market due to the fact that bamboo grows very quickly and it can be harvested in vast amounts without the necessity of cutting down the whole plant. Also it is as very durable and easy to maintain flooring material. In fact bamboo is so easy to clean and you won’t need any type of cleaning machines to tidy up its surface.

Recycled metal tiles are made of recycled aluminum and brass and they are an excellent alternative to vinyl tiles. They can be found in three different types: polished, matte and sandblasted. However this type of flooring material is much harder to clean than the previous two. Even more you may need the usage of cleaning machines in order to properly maintain your tiles.

Milk paint is arguably the most eco-friendly paint type on the market as it is made of lime and milk proteins and contains no harmful particles like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), petroleum, plastics and etc. Even more the formula for this type of paint is a century old and throughout the years it has proven its effectiveness.

SafeCoat paint just like milk paint doesn’t contain any type of harmful elements such as VOCs, solvents, heavy metals, chemicals and formaldehyde. Even more you can find SafeCoat sealer and primers as well which also are harmless and 100% eco-friendly.

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