Effective Housecleaning Tips

I don’t know a person who likes housecleaning. Every single one of my friends thinks that the domestic chores are too tiresome and annoying to do on their own. They usually ignore them for weeks and hire a professional cleaner to freshen up their places. This is not a good solution, though, because when dirt builds up in their homes, they become dangerous for living. Domestic dust and filth are the biggest irritants, and most common causes for a lot of diseases, you should not let them build up and try to prevent their appearance.

Here are a few effective housecleaning tips, which will help you maintain your house on your own without getting tired and wasting too much of your time:

  • First of all, I have to tell you that you don’t have to manage all housecleaning chores in one day. You can separate them throughout the week, and do a task or two a day. This way, you will save time, and your home will always be spotless.
  • Don’t walk with your shoes in your home, so not to bring dirt in. You should take your shoes off and leave them in the hallway. I also recommend that you put a doormat on your front door, and to wear slippers in your house.
  • Dust your home and vacuum a few times a week. It is best if you do it every day, but if you don’t have so much time, do it two or three times a week.
  • Clean or change the filters of your humidifiers, de-humidifiers and air-conditioners every month. They hold a lot of dust, and start blowing it back into the air when they get too stuck.
  • Clean your bathroom once a week, using strong cleaners. By strong I don’t mean chemical-based, but home-made ones. You can clean your bathroom and toilet with a mixture of water, white vinegar and baking soda. Just don’t forget to spray everything in the room with pure white vinegar after you clean it thoroughly.
  • Fridge cleaning London experts from Fantastic Oven Cleaners recommend that you clean your refrigerator once a week, so to keep the amount of bacteria in it to the minimum. It is also very important not to leave dirty plates, glasses, and other utensils in the sink, and to clean your kitchen appliances every time you finish using them.
  • Clean your windows once a month, so that sun rays reach the inside of your house. Natural sunlight is one of two best weapons against mould and mildew.
  • Ventilate your home every day. The more fresh air you let in, the less the chance for growing mould.
  • Whenever you spot mould-affected areas in your house, treat them with a solution made of one cup white vinegar, one tablespoon salt and two tablespoons eucalyptus essential oil. Don’t let the irritant be, because it will spread around your place.
  • When you spill something on a carpet or on a piece of upholstery furniture, blot immediately with paper towels, so to prevent stains. If the substance that you’ve spilled is colourful, like red wine for example, pour some soda water over the spill and blot again with a clean towel. Repeat the procedure until the colour fades.
  • If you have a pet, use a soft damp brush to remove its hairs from your rugs and upholsteries. It is not a bad idea to clean these pieces of furniture with a solution made of two cups warm water, one tablespoon liquid castile soap, quarter cup white vinegar, three drops clary sage essential oil, and six drops lavender essential oil. It will freshen up the colours and the fabrics of your furnishings.
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