End of Tenancy Cleaning – A Nightmare Come True

Nobody likes big changes. Even if they are for a good reason you always feel afraid of the new things happening in your life.And moving from one apartment to another is always something that sends shivers down your spine when you think of all the packing, removals and the huge cleaning that has to be done afterwards. Luckily there are plenty of local companies in London like cleaners Fulham that offer help with all those things but still there is a lot of work that you need to handle by yourself.If you have never moved out before here are a few easy steps that you need to follow in order to reduce the stress to a maximum level.

1) Start with finding a new place. Do not begin moving out when you still don’t have a new place as then you will need to pay your removal company to store your belongings until you have a new address to deliver them to.

2) Get a list with the moving out requirements from your real estate agency. That will make it really easy to explain to the cleaning company you are about to book for an end of tenancy cleaning which areas you need them to cover. If you do that your check out inspection will pass without any difficulties.

3) Pack everything in boxes and make sure you throw away all the unnecessary things before moving in the new place – that will ensure you that you will not have to do double work afterwards. Then call a removal company and let them deliver the load to your new place.

4) Arrange the rubbish removal right after the move out cleaning. Some cleaners Fulham Palace companies even offer both services so they can schedule them for you according to your schedule. If you fail to do so you have to loose more than a day arranging stuff like that, as you will need to provide access and parking for both the cleaners and the junk removal assistants at different time.

5) Appoint a move out inspection, and then leave your keys and get your deposit back from the rental property agency you have used.

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