Factors to Consider Before Signing a Rental Contract

When you are scouting various rental units you must take into consideration much more than just the liveable conditions of the rental unit. In this article we have listed down the factors that you must consider before signing a rental agreement.
Neighbourhood – explore the neighbourhood in which the unit is located. This way you will get to know the public services that are in close proximity. Also you will learn what kind of facilities such as hospitals, bus and metro stations, schools, galleries, museums and so on are situated in the area.
Crime rate – when you are exploring the neighbourhood ask your potential neighbours about the crime rate of the area. Some neighbourhoods may look peaceful during the day and change drastically at night. To receive more detailed information about the crime rate of the area you must visit the local police departments’ websites. 
Inventory reports – ask your future landlord if he will include an inventory report London in the rental agreement. It’s not a good sign if he won’t insist that he does. Avoid landlords who are reluctant to drafting inventory reports because at the end of the tenancy you won’t have any documents to protect your stand in case you get accused of damaging the property. You can tell your landlord that you will hire and pay an inventory company based in London and that he will just have to sign the document. To find the best property inventory clerks in London, read the rental section in the yellow pages.
The real estate market of the area – skim through several real estate websites and read a couple of real estate magazines before you agree on a rental fee. This way you will know if the fee that you are about to pay is too much or just right. If you find out that your future landlord wants more than the market value of the area you will be able to negotiate better terms because you will have information about the rental fees of the area.

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