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work-stressHave you ever been so tensed and frustrated to want to break stuff? Have you ever wanted to be included in a club like the one of Edward Norton and Brad Bit in the movie “Fight Club”? A place where you can get all your stress out and forget about your problems. Well, a man from Buenos Aires, Argentina has created such a place and he has called it The Break Club. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Too bad there isn’t such a place in London.

The idea for a Break Club is awesome in my opinion. All people whose job is somehow engaged with other people, such as call centre operators, shop attendants, cashiers, carpet cleaners, receptionists and others could benefit from it. It is a place where you can go and take all your rage out pointing it to junk items, such as old computers, screens, glass bottles, etc. You get in an empty room with a batter and do your best to smash whatever items there are in the room.

the break club


What is interesting about the already existing Break Club in Buenos Aires is that it is mainly visited by women. The owner says that 90% of the visitors are female. This is a bit awkward, in my opinion, because the fair sex usually doesn’t look angry and aggressive. I guess, women can hide their emotions when in society. This isn’t right at all, because all serious diseases come from built up stress.

What do you think, why is it that most customers of this club are from the fair sex?

Ok, let’s start from the statement that Argentina is quite a macho country. Men there can be pretty rough to females, and most of the time underestimate them a lot. This can really drive a person crazy. It is awful to feel weak, belittled and unappreciated. And that should be the reason for most visitors to be women – because they want to feel strong and awesome again. Of course, the stress factor is also there. It is awful to deal with rude and ungrateful customers all day. Some of the customers can really get you our of your skin. They have frustration built up in them and they want to make someone pay for their rage. Imagine what the feeling is when 5 frustrated people treat you like a target of their fury. It isn’t pleasant at all, because in the end of the day you want to vent your anger on someone, too.

I have met a lot of tough customers in my job as a carpet cleaning expert in South Croydon. To be honest with you, I’ve been smashed emotionally many times, and I’ve wanted to get it back on the customers, too. I haven’t had the opportunity, though, and all that stress and tension has remained in me. There were times when I felt awful for days. And probably, if there had been a Break Club in London, I could have vented my emotions a little bit.

I really hope some nice person will make this good to all stressed and frustrated Londoners and will create some kind of a Smashing Club.

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