Fungus – a Global Killer

You are probably disturbed by the title, and I have to admit that the news are really disturbing. It is not that fungus have killed people, but it has taken other victims all over the world, which is very bad. Scientists have found a type of fungus which kills amphibian species in different parts of the world. This means real trouble, as the killer has already brought some species to the brink of extinction. This problem might escalate to a global catastrophe, as the lack of these amphibians can affect the whole ecosystem.

The type of fungus that I mentioned above is called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd for short. It is really dangerous, as it kills animals and disappears in their rotting bodies. It gets killed by the bacteria in rotting flesh, which makes it a real smooth killer. It has taken scientists a few years to learn how to grow this type of fungus in culture, so to be able to look at its genetics.

The problem is that they still don’t know where the killer came from and how it spreads around the world. They have noticed the fungus in the Alps, in the Pyrenees, and in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world, and nobody knows where it comes from. The only thing that is clear is that the killer can’t exist after a certain altitude.

I think that organisms like these killer fungi have to be destroyed or at least seized before they have speciated and started killing people. I’m not saying that the existing problem is not serious, but the world will fall into panic if this fungus starts killing people. It is really hard to fight against such an epidemic, which nobody knows where it comes from and how it has began. It is dangerous and untraceable. What can be worse?

So, guys, whenever you see mould or some other kind of fungi in your home, don’t waste time, but take the needed measures. Either call a professional cleaner to clean the affected areas, or treat them with a detergent on your own.

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