Garden Design Ideas You’d Love

All my life I wanted to have a house with a beautiful garden in front of it, where to spend the warm summer nights with my beloved one. My dream came true, but now I want to make changes to my garden all the time in order to improve its looks. I don’t stop researching for new ideas, and have almost managed to create my spot of Eden. I have decided to share some of my ideas and resources with you, so to help you design an awesome landscape, too.

Relaxed Garden Patio

A patio is the area in a garden where you can put furniture and all kinds of items. You can arrange it however you want, but I personally recommend that you install low-level seating furnishings, where to relax. You can also add cosy rugs and a few tropical plants to this interior, so to make the atmosphere more enjoyable. A few Moroccan lanterns are also a great addition to this design. I personally love spending my evenings on my patio sipping a cocktail or another refreshing drink.

Erect a Garden Trellis

I suppose some of you don’t know what a trellis is, so I’m going to explain in a few words. This is a construction which you can build yourself, or hire a professional gardener to build it for you. This construction is used mainly in small gardens to improve the feeling of space. If you can’t plant flowers or plants on the ground, then you should go up. Build a trellis and plant crawling and trailing plants around it. They will hike upwards and will make your garden look bigger and greener. Moreover, your yard will look more beautiful.

Install a Bench

If you have a small garden and if you can’t make a big relaxing area, you can install a pretty bench on your patio, where to relax in the evenings. You can put some cushions on the bench for extra comfort, and surround the area with pots planted with aromatic flowers.

Pots and Planting Areas

Sometimes, pots bore me a lot, so I very often change them or decorate them with different ornaments and paint. I also use unusual items for making new pots and planting areas. My biggest success in this area are my rainbow tire planters. They are great and last for years. Moreover, you can easily vary them by painting them often.

It isn’t so hard to make your garden prettier, is it? You just have use your imagination and ideas will invade your head. If you don’t have time to look for garden innovations on the Internet, then you should get in touch with some professional gardener from London. Nowadays, there are a lot of landscaping experts in the British capital, who can make your yard look amazing.

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