Garden Design Ideas…

Garden Design Ideas…

…Which Will Totally Change the Looks of Your Property


Garden design is quite a sensitive topic. A lot of people try different recycling ideas, in order to use old items and to beautify their green spaces, but success is not always guaranteed. Londoners very often make their gardens uglier, in their attempt to make things better, and regret afterwards. Today, I’m going to give you a few gardening ideas, which will totally change the looks not only of your green space, but of your whole property. You might need some professional help to realise these ideas, though.

Garden Swings

garden swings

We already have a few posts about garden swings on our blog, but I will include them in this one, too, because I think that they are quite a romantic garden feature. There are a lot of types of garden swings, as you can see in this old post, but all of them add a different type of personality to your garden. The colour, the form, the material, the place where you will erect or hang your swing, it all matters. If you have a big enough tree, you can use it to hang the swing on it. If you have a porch, you can organise a relaxation area on it, where to include a big swing. If you have a patio or a barbecue area, they can also house your swing. Of course, you will have to estimate the size of your swing to be according to the size of the space you have.

Garden Sculptures

grass bed

By garden sculptures I don’t mean such made of cement or other building materials. I mean natural garden sculptures made of bushes, like in a Royal Garden. If you have the skills and the imagination, and proper tools, of course, you can make those by yourself. But in any other case, I recommend that you use professional help by some gardening company. These sculptures will totally change the appearance of your property and will make it the most picturesque in your neighbourhood. Your garden will turn into something like your trademark. You can view some very alluring and fascinating ideas of garden sculptures on the Internet.

A Trellis

trellis 13

A trellis is a spectacular feature. Once you erect it, you see it as anything special, but once you plant some crawling flowers around it and they occupy it, it becomes amazing. The good thing about a trellis is that you can build it from old ladders or other useless, high items. You can also use it as a hedge for a relaxation area. It is great to have garden furniture around your colourful trellis, and to relax under the aroma of flowers.

An Arbour

garden arbour

Arbours, just like trellises can be made of old useless items. Old doors and windows are great for the purpose. They are very nice features, because by building them, you actually add an extra area to your garden. You can furnish and decorate them however you want. For example, you can put a dining table and chairs inside your arbour (if it is big enough), hang a few lanterns and turn it into a romantic dining area for your beloved one and you.

So, dear garden lovers, don’t wait long until you decide to change the appearance of your green space. Renewing its design will totally reface your property. If you are not sure that you will manage to realise your ideas, find a gardening expert in your London area and he will gladly give you a hand.

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