Having College Students As Tenants

Many young people move to big cities to study in a college or university. Their studies continue for three or four years. They hardly ever stay in a hotel. They usually rent a room or small flat near their university. If you, as a landlord have considered to add college students to your list of potential tenants, learn how to make the property suitable for young people.
Don’t forget the fact that student tenants are mainly transient ones: they could as well stay for the whole period of their studies, but they could easily decide to relocate again soon after they have moved to your property. However some of them could find a job in the same city after graduation and keep the rented property for a longer period. Nevertheless the tendency with student tenants is that you will have new tenants quite often.  After the end of a tenancy provide a good end of tenancy cleaning professional companies offer to their customers. Every time make your property nice and attractive place for living.
Try to adjust the security deposit to the fact that young people are quite absent-minded and not very responsible.
It’s usually the parents that pay the rent for their children, so when you start the tenancy, try to meet the parents and have their signature on the agreement in order to protect yourself from probable future irregular rent payments.
Consider to add in your college students lease a clause, which gives you the right to visit the property from time to time. This way you could regularly inspect the place and timely realize if some problems have appeared and need you attending to them. You could also consider the type of tenants you have by conducting these random visits and conclude whether they take a good care of your property or not.
If you are a busy person and do not have time to deal with these additional responsibilities as a landlord, the best solution is to hire a property manager. A professional property manager will organise all the work with advertising, interviewing and finding the right tenants for your property. He will find the best professional cleaning services cleaning companies provide for maintaining your property.

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