History of the Red Carpet

red carpetThe red carpet has become a symbol of all special events, nowadays. It is used at many festivals to welcome VIPs and celebrities. And, although, so many people have seen it, there aren’t many people who know where the red carpet originates from, and how it has become a symbol of the rich and famous. Today I’m going to reveal all theories and secrets about the red carpet.

According to some people the red carpet comes from Roman times when victors were honoured by the defeated with a red cloak. Yes, a cloak. The red carpet wasn’t even a carpet, at first, according to this theory. It became a carpet later in history. Nobody knows why, though. Probably because the land beneath people’s feet was cold and they needed some isolation. This is just one assumption, but it is quite logical. There is logics in honouring someone with a warm red path to their new home.

AgamemnonAccording to another theory, which is probably the most legit one, the red carpet comes from the ancient Greek play about Troy by Aeschylus. The victor from the Troy war, the Greek king Agamemnon, who actually led the Greek army against the Troyans, was welcomed by his wife Clytaemnestra on a red carpet. She wanted to show everyone his arrogance by flattering him to walk over a red and purple carpet. In ancient Greece, this carpet was a divine symbol and only gods could walk on such. Walking on a red carpet in that times meant walking over the gods which was a sin and a sincere abuse to everything divine. He didn’t want to go across the flooring at first, but after a short monologue about the importance of the Greek gods for the victory against Troy, he passes all along it. His wife killed him, afterwards, and the red carpet got soaked by his blood. This is another interpretation of the colour of the flooring.

I’m not sure if the red carpet shows honour to some people or it is meant to show their arrogance. It is definitely misused, nowadays, in my opinion. VIPs, celebrities, very few of them actually deserve to walk on a red carpet. Most of them are quite arrogant and unfriendly. Fame has changed them, the red carpet has changed them. But they are still humans, and there is nothing godlike in their personalities. In my opinion, there is nothing special in walking on a red carpet. Most Persian rugs are red, too. I personally have two of them at home, but I consider them nothing more that pieces of furniture. They still need maintenance, they get worn, they need professional carpet cleaning from time to time. I think it is foolish to consider yourself special only because you step on a red carpet once or twice a year.

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