How Much Food Do We Waste?

How much do you eat at one meal? Do you eat all of the food in your portion, or you throw away some of it? Do you know how much food you throw away on yearly basis? Do you know how much food is being thrown away on yearly basis in the whole world? The answers of these questions are quite disturbing.

A report made in the United Kingdom claims that as much as half of the food in the world is being wasted every year. This amount equals to two billion tonnes. Quite a waste, isn’t it? Do you know what are the reasons for this waste?

A lot of the food is being thrown away because of people, who don’t think it is good for eating. The study shows that about 30 % of the vegetables in the UK were not harvested because they didn’t look good. Can you imagine how much food this is? You can feed a lot of people, who are in hunger in third world countries with them. It is a pity that we’ve become such spendthrifts.

The bad looks of the food is not the only “reason” to waste it, though. A lot of it is thrown away because of poor storage. A lot of products in restaurants, hotels and in private houses start rotting because of low hygiene. People don’t take care of the cleanliness in their kitchens, cabinets and refrigerators and their food goes into waste.

Fridge cleaning really is important for your health. You must take care of this appliance regularly, not only to keep your food fresh, but also to stay protected from diseases. Another research from 2012 shows that in some countries the refrigerator houses more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is not good at all, having in mind what diseases bacteria cause, especially the ones from the E.coli type.

Every person has to clean his/her refrigerator to keep his food supplies in good condition, and to keep the amount of bacteria in it to the minimum. You can learn more about the process from this article. Check it out and learn how to maintain your appliances spotless.

Don’t waste any food, folks. Cook as much as you’ll eat, so not to throw anything away. We must preserve the resources of our planet, because by the year 2050 we will need 10 to 13 trillion cubic metres of water just for food production. Just for a comparison I will say that we use 550 billion cubic metres of water for the same purpose, nowadays. This quantity is too big, and we must stop wasting our resources. Moreover, there are a lot of people in hunger around the world, who can’t even afford half of what we eat.

Source: BBC

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