How Often Should You Clean Your Hamster’s Cage?

Do you have a hamster? How often do you clean its cage? Do you know why you have to clean your hamster’s cage? Do you want to learn how to maintain your pet’s home properly? Don’t stop reading then.

A lot of people raise hamsters for pets, but not all of them know how to maintain their cages properly. This is very important, though, if you want your pet to live in a healthy environment and your house to smell well.

So, let me give you the answer of the question “How often should you clean your hamster’s cage?”.

Most specialists working for Fantastic Cleaners Kensington recommend that you clean your pet’s home at least once a week, or as soon as it starts smelling bad. This is the only way you can be sure that your little fellows will remain healthy and in good condition.

How to clean a hamster’s cage?

It is not as simple as you think and changing the hamster’s bedding is not the only chore you must do. You have to take everything out of the cage and get rid of the dirty bedding. Prepare some soapy water and wipe the whole cage with it. Leave it to dry well, and while waiting for that to happen wash all belongings of your pet with warm soapy water again. I recommend that you treat them with some mild disinfectant, too, so to be sure there are no germs on them. A cup of fresh lemon juice will do a wonderful job for disinfecting.

After you wash and disinfect all items that your hamster uses, leave them to dry well. After they are completely dry, put a new bedding in the cage and put everything back on its place. Do this every week or as soon as you sense bad odours coming from your pet’s home.

Raising a hamster is not an easy job. Pets need just as much cares as a human being, that is why you have to change the bedding and wash the whole cage and everything in it at least once a week.

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