How Professional Carpet Cleaners in Swiss Cottage Clean

living roomLast week I had my carpets professionally cleaned. I’m very pleased of the services and of the results, and as I wondered how professional carpet cleaners clean I decided to watch the whole process and to write a post about it, afterwards. It was really impressive how my floorings changed their appearance and how much dirt was sucked out of them. They looked completely normal, they had only a few stains on them, but they were actually very dirty.

What did the cleaners do?

First of all, I want to say that my carpet cleaners from Swiss Cottage were very punctual and came on time. I haven’t waited even for a second longer than the arranged time. They were very polite, too, and provided me with very pleasant service. Now, let’s proceed with the very carpet cleaning process:

The first thing the cleaners did when they came to my house was to come and have a look at the carpets. They said that they have to check how dirty they are at first sight, how many and what type of stains there are on them, what kind of fabrics they are made of, and if there are any guides from the manufacturers on how my carpets have to be cleaned. It was very interesting, because they did a few tests on the carpets to check if their colours will fade or mix together, and to determine the type of fabrics. The test for the fabrics amazed me, because I didn’t expect anything so simple. They cut a small fibre from one of the out-of-sight corners of each of my carpets and set it on fire to see how it burns. Such a test would never come up in my mind.

Ninja2000After the tests, the cleaners brought their equipment. They had lots of detergents with them and this big carpet cleaning machine called Ninja 2000. I laughed a lot at the name of the machine, because it was neither very light, nor quiet, nor it moved smoothly. It did pretty good work, though. After they brought everything, they sprayed each of the stains on my carpets with special detergents. They let them stay like this for 10-15 minutes until they charge the machine with water and prepare it for work.

This Ninja 2000 machine can be used for dry and hot water extraction carpet cleaning. My carpets were cleaned with the hot water extraction method, which is also called steam cleaning. I didn’t know that steam cleaning is also called hot-water extraction cleaning, to be honest. This method is very effective, but you have to dry your carpets well, afterwards. The machine releases hot steam on the flooring, which penetrates deep into the fibres and loosens the dirt, after which the so called Ninja, sucks the steam back together with the dirt. The carpet changes its appearance a lot, and the difference between the clean and dirty rug is very obvious.

When my carpet cleaners were ready, they showed me what had been sucked out of my carpets. I have to say that the water in the machine looked like petrol. Its colour was black and there were some traces of oil in it. It was disgusting.

water from a Ninja 2000 machine

Source: Aussie Carpet Clean Swiss Cottage

After the cleaning, the experts advised me to open all windows and doors in my house, in order to help my floorings dry faster, but I wanted everything to end sooner. They offered me another machine, which was something between a heater and a fan. It is called an air mover and the use of this appliance is charged extra. They placed an air mover on the entrance of every carpeted room and opened a window as well. When they switched these appliances on, they started circling the air and dried my carpets in not more than fifteen minutes. I was impressed once again.

This was the whole carpet cleaning process.

In a conclusion, I want to say thank you to the carpet cleaners from Aussie Carpet Clean Swiss Cottage for making my carpets beautiful again.

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