How to Care For Suede High Heels

Suede is extremely popular texture used for hats, bags and most of all shoe manufacture. It has extremely stylish appearance and can last for a long time if it’s cleaned regularly and most of all properly. This is the reason why the majority of the fashion experts say that a pair of black suede high heels is a must in every woman wardrobe. Still , in case you actually have one of those stylish pairs of suede high heels , you will certainly know that they require additional care.

Being aware of that fact suede care experts provide the following directions on how to care for your suede high heels :

As a start take a clean, dry microfiber cloth and wipe away as much of the accumulated build up as you can. Work from the center of the shoe’s top toward the outer edges. Wipe around the sides of the shoe, moving the cloth outward and downward to collect the dirt particles.
After that take a pencil eraser and work on the noticeable marks on the suede surface. Press the eraser into the spot on the shoe material and move it back and forth in a to loosen ground-in debris. Be careful not to apply too much of a pressure.

Take a metal suede brush and brush the shoe in small circles to clean scuffs and smooth the suede back down.In case you have to deal with really persistent stains, try working with vinegar. Wet a microfiber cloth with 1/2 tsp. of white vinegar. Wring put the excess liquid in it in order to prevent over-soaking of the suede material. Buff the marks with the dampened cloth until they disappear.

Then allow your heels to naturally dry. Avoid using heaters as they they are likely to cause damage such as shape loss or discoloration.
To complete the treatment you apply a tin layer of specified suede protector on your high heels surface . Leather cleaning professional explain that in that manner you will create a dirt-resistant coating on the suede material.

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