How To Clean Your Carpet Properly

Keeping your carpet clean and in top condition doesn’t just mean to vacuum it from time to time. Of course it is advisable to do it at least once a week but there are also other tricks that we’re going to discuss in this article.

Routine carpet cleaning is advised by many cleaning experts. The “once a week” rule for vacuuming stands exclusively for rooms that are used more often throughout the day. Carpet fibers benefit a lot from frequent vacuuming, because it prevents build ups from gritty particles that can cut them. Never try to rush things when vacuuming because you’ll most probably miss a lot of dust and dirt that is deeply embedded in your carpet. If you have a plush carpet, vacuum it very slowly and at least two or tree times before you move to another section. Pay special attention to places where people sit and move around a lot. Vacuum these place in a crisscross pattern so the fabric benefits from your strokes.

Soil retardants are very good for new carpets and freshly cleaned ones. Read the manufacturers label carefully and apply only with professional equipment, while using the right techniques.

If your carpet has a bad odour, it is best you try an get rid of the smell with baking soda. The recipe is really easy. Just take the baking soda container and sprinkle generously on the carpet. Wait for 15 minutes and vacuum the residue. For extra freshening effect you can add some laundry starch to the baking soda.

These were just a few of the cleaning advice that a cleaning agency in London recommends.

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