How to Clean Your Living Room

The living room is the place where we spend most of our time at home. I personally stay on the couch in my living room for hours, watching TV or reading books. It is the cosiest place in my house, and I love it. The thing is, though, that the living room, just like any other place in our homes, needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It is absolutely obligatory, if you want to live in a healthy environment, and not to suffer allergies.

Very few Londoners take the needed cares for their living rooms and homes as a whole. They clean very rarely, and usually leave the dirt to build up well before they hire some professional cleaner, like the ones from Fantastic Cleaners Kensington. This is very very wrong, because you inhale and swallow dust particles and other irritants. All housecleaning chores have to be done regularly, if you want to keep bacteria and diseases away from your home and family. How to do that? How to clean your living room?

  1. The living room cleaning is not an easy process, but you can separate the tasks throughout the week if you don’t have enough time or energy, you don’t have to do them all in one day. Anyway, here is a short cleaning check list, which will help you maintain this room properly:
  2. The first thing you need to do is to dust the furniture. Take a clean cloth, dampen it a little bit, and start dusting from the top-down, so to keep already cleaned areas dust-free. A big part of the dust is being pushed back in the air and it falls on lower levels of your furniture. If you start dusting from the bottom-up, you will have to do the whole process a few times.
  3. The next thing you have to do is to vacuum your upholstery furniture. Emphasise on the areas beneath the cushions, as they gather a lot of dust, crumbs and food bits. I also recommend that you clean the fabrics of your upholsteries with a home made solution, made from quarter cup vinegar, two cups warm water, on tablespoon liquid castile soap, six drops lavender essential oil, and three drops clary sage essential oil. Mind that you will have to leave your pieces of furniture to dry well before you start using them again. It is a good idea to put some kind of a cover on your couch and arm-chairs, so that their fabrics stay clean for longer.
  4. If you have leather furniture in your living room, give them a good wipe with a mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil once a week.
  5. Vacuum your carpets and use the upholstery cleaning solution from point 3 to freshen up their fabrics and colours. Professional cleaners from Kensington advise that you clean carpet stains as soon as they happen, so to prevent them from becoming permanent. Browse the Internet to find recipes for effective stain removers.
  6. Clean the windows in your living room once a month.
  7. If you spot mould anywhere in the room, or on some other place in your house, treat the affected areas with a solution of one cup hot white vinegar, one tablespoon salt, and one tablespoon eucalyptus essential oil immediately.

This is it, follow these steps and your living room will always be spotless.

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