How to Get Your Safety Deposit Back

If you live on rent, you have probably given a safety deposit to your landlord in the beginning of your tenancy. Do you know what is it for? Do you know how to get it back when your tenancy is over? Read on if you want to learn the answers of these questions.

A security deposit is needed for the safety of the rental property. According to every rental contract a landlord is obligated to let his place to a tenant, but the renter has to take care of it, as if it was his own. The rental deposit is a guarantee that nothing is going to happen to the property while the occupant lives there, and that he will return it to the owner in the same condition in which it was when he hired it. This is one of the main clauses in every rental contract.

To get your deposit back in the end of your tenancy, you must make the place look like it looked when you hired it, as I already said above. This means that you have to repair everything broken and clean absolutely everything in the property. There mustn’t be any stains on the walls, floorings and upholsteries; there mustn’t be any bad odours in the place; you must clean the bathroom and toilet; you have to remove the cooked-on food stains from the cooking appliances; you must freshen up absolutely everything. Of course, if you can’t do everything on your own, you can ask a friend to help you or hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning London company. Most of these firms do a wonderful job and guarantee that you’ll get your money back. They have an insurance, too, in case they break something, but this rarely happens.

So, if your tenancy is about to finish, either get to work, or call some of the move out cleaning London experts. You and your landlord will certainly be pleased of the work of these guys. They use only professional equipment and eco-friendly detergents.

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