How to Grow an Avocado Tree at Home

Do you like eating avocados? I personally love them. On a salad with some tomatoes, garlic and mayonnaise, or in sushi, they are amazing. You can even bake them, with chicken and cheese stuffing. They are really healthy and sating.

My family and I love eating avocados in summer. So, we get to gather a lot of avocado pits. I heard from a colleague of mine, that these pits can be planted and one can grow his/her own avocado tree at home. This sounded great to me, so I decided to try. I searched the Internet and found different methods to plant an avocado pit, so I picked one of them. Here it is:

  • First of all, you need a well ripe avocado. Cut a full circle around the fruit and twist to split the halves apart.
  • Take a sharp, heavy knife and whack the pit of the avocado with it. The blade doesn’t have to go too deep in the pit, so be careful. It has to bite enough of it, though, so to be able to take the pit out with a slight twist.
  • Put the fruit aside for now, you will prepare something delicious with it later. Take the pit and clean and wash it well from any avocado bits.
  • Take four toothpicks and stick them in your avocado pit. You have to push them deep enough so to be able to pick the pit up by one toothpick only.
  • Take a small bowl or a glass and fix the toothpicks on its edge, putting the pit with its pointy side up. Fill up the container with water to cover half of the pit, and change the water every one or two days.
  • Put the cup with the avocado pit on a windowsill and arm yourself with patience. It might take up to three weeks until the pit starts split opening and a stem shows up. This is the time when roots will also make their way through the bottom of the pit, and after a few weeks your avocado will have leaves. The whole process may take up to three months, but the result is worth the waiting.
  • Your next step is to plant your avocado pit. Take a small pot and fill it with soil about one inch from the top. Dig a shallow hole in the centre of the soil and place your avocado pit in it with the bottom side down. Cover only half the pit with soil and water a little bit, so that the soil can settle down. I forgot to mention that this whole planting process should happen when the stem of your tree is about 7-8 inches tall. You have to pinch the top few leaves, too, so to encourage its growth and branching.

Professional gardeners from Bexley recommend that you keep your avocado tree on a sunny spot in your house or outside. The temperature where the tree is should be above 45 degrees F, so take the plant back inside when the weather gets bad. Don’t overwater your avocado tree. Keep the soil moist, but not muddy. If you spot that the leaves start getting yellow, don’t water your plant for a few days because you’ve probably overwatered it.

Feel free to share your experience with avocado trees in the comment section below and don’t miss to watch the video below.

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