How to Maintain Wooden Chopping Boards

Keeping your kitchen and everything in it clean and disinfected is essential if you want to prepare healthy and safe food for your family. Chopping boards are very important part of each kitchen and we use them daily, so we should take care of the right way. Here are several tips how to maintain wooden chopping boards.

  • The most important thing, cleaners London remind us is not to wash wooden chopping boards in the dishwasher, because the heat and the water can cause the glues to deteriorate. Moreover, hot water may also cause cracks into the boards which are great places fro bacteria growth.
  • You should scrub your wooden chopping boards with dish soap and hot water after every use.
  • Avoid moisture – try to keep your boards clean and dry, because moisture can cause bacteria and mould growth.
  • If you want to use natural cleaning products, cleaners London advise you to use a paste of baking soda and water as it cleans and deodorises. To remove stains and disinfect your wooden chopping boards, you’d better use bicarb and lemon juice.
  • Wooden chopping boards should be oiled monthly with an olive oil or grape seed oil in order to keep the boards in good condition.

Wooden chopping boards have been proven to be better than plastic ones due to the tannin in them which acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent. So maintain your wooden chopping boards following the tips above and you can use them for many years.

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