How to Plant a Pineapple at Home

Do you like pineapples? Haven’t you ever wanted to have a plant at home, from which to be able to pick this wonderful fruit? I have, to be honest, and I found a way to do it. It is not hard at all and everyone can do it on his own at home. The thing is, though, that you probably won’t be able to pick fruits from this plant, but it will still be beautiful to have it.

Anyway, let’s get on the question. How to grow a pineapple tree at home:

The first thing you should do is to buy a pineapple. It doesn’t matter if the fruit is well-riped or not.

The next you have to do is to cut the top leaves of the pineapple. You have to do it without damaging any of them. Don’t worry if you cut some of the fruit’s top. You can remove it afterwards. In fact, it is best if you cut the leaves with a little of the pineapple’s top, and to remove the pieces of fruit afterwards. Mind that you have to cut parts of the leaves until you can see small plumules on their bottom.

Soak the plumules in a bowl of water and keep them there until they start growing. Once they get about 3 centimeters long, you can plant them in a pot with soil. I personally recommend to plant the pineapple in a small pot and move it to a bigger one when it gets bigger.

And just one tip from professional gardeners Sidcup, London. They recommend that you look for a pineapple which hasn’t been frozen. My technique is well illustrated on the picture above. And you can see an easier technique for planting pineapples in the video below.

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