How to Prepare Your Home for Summer Heat (Part One)

Summer is only a month away, and we hardly can wait for it to come. Warm weather equals fun outdoor activities like going to the beach. In order to feel comfortable both outdoors and in, you need to know how to prepare your home for summer heat.

We are awaiting some hot weather during this summer. It’s always better to be prepared in advance, than to suddenly realise, your air conditioner isn’t working properly, on a hot summer day. That is why, professionals from cleaning Abbey Wood recommend checking your heat and air-conditioning system now.

The first step involves changing the filters. This procedure should be preformed at least one time every month. In case you never done it before, don’t expect your air-conditioner to work as good as new. Like every other device, this requires maintenance as well.

Switch on the “cool” setting of your thermostat. Preform a test by lowering the temperature, to the one you use during the summer. Wait for a while to see if the air conditioner will manage to do it. If not, inspect for tripped breakers.

In case you are unable to find where the problem is coming from, better turn up to a professional. Have in mind, technicians are very busy during the summer, so it’s much better to call now, than later. According to professional cleaners Abbey Wood, it is very possible for your request to be refused or postponed, due to lack of time, and you will be forced to wait and sweat. Other than that, an emergency call always costs more, then a routine check up during the spring.

Those were the first steps to follow. Find out what to do after in the second part of “How to Prepare Your Home for Summer Heat”.

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