How to Prepare Your Home for Summer Heat (Part Two)

In the previous part we began counting the steps on how to prepare your home for the summer heat. Now we continue with the rest things, that needs to be done, in order for your home to be ready for the summer.

After you changed the filters of your air conditioner and switched it on a cooling mode, you must be aware if everything is working properly or not. In case it isn’t, professional cleaners Abbey Wood reminded you, to get in touch with your repair person and inform him about the problem.

Putting your air cooling system on an adequate mode is also a must do. Set the thermostat to 78 degrees, as that is believed to be a default setting. If the air in the room doesn’t get cooler, it’s probably an indication for a problem in your air conditioner system and you must call a technician.

Another thing, that might need a check up, are air ducts. Professionals like cleaners Acton, usually check them for leaks, that need to be sealed again. The problem is usually in the attic insulation and the solution involves adding 6 to 8 inches more.

Once that’s already done, you must be prepared for the worst, that can happen. After a home visit from the profession workers, you might be facing the fact, your air conditioner must be replaced with a new one. Our advice is to get it done as soon as possible and get it over with. As we already mentioned, summer is the busiest season for this business, so better act now, than later. The last thing you want is to wait until autumn comes, to have a properly working air conditioner at home.

Now you are completely aware how to prepare your home for the summer heat. All what’s left is to enjoy your summer.

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