How to Remove Paint from Clothes

Paint Stains

Let’s face it – Adam and Eve had the right idea in the beginning. They were naked in the garden of Eden. Now we have all these clothes and all the problems with them. I’m talking about stains. I mean, there are so many kinds of stains, that could appear from everything, that if you have to know every method and every detergent you have to use, to remove the specific type of stain, you can easily become a chemistry teacher.

In this article we will concentrate on paint stains. How to remove paint from clothes? You have to understand, that there are different kinds of paint, so there are different methods for removing them. But I will tell you a more universal one. This will generally work on oil based paint, but it should work with other kinds, too. Here is what you will need:

  • dish soap and a sponge
  • hair spray and a scrub brush
  • washing machine

Try to get the stains as soon as you get them. But it is not a problem If they are a little dried out – you will just have to repeat the process several times. First of all, get the sponge and put some dish soap on it. Use some hot water, as well. Rub it good, until the spots get’s really wet. Don’t worry about the paint – it won’t get deep to your clothing. The next step is to use the hair spray. It might sound weird, but believe me here, it will remove the paint. Don’t be shy – use a lot of hair spray. When you have covered the whole stain, start scrubbing with the brush. Let the paint stain dry and remove the pieces. Now, spray it again and put it in the washing machine. This is it!

A friend of mine, who works in junk removals London based company, has some advises for us. He, as a waste remover , has a lot of experience with stains. So, he says, that if you have been playing paintball and you have a lot of stains on your paintball gear, it means that you are not very good at it. But if you are worried about the stains – you shouldn’t. They are easy for removing – just put it in the washing machine right after the game and put bleach or some stain remover, and it’s done!

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