How To Remove Rust Stains From Clothes

Rust stains are very difficult to remove, this is because the structure of the stain is actually made of tiny iron oxide particles. Before your rush to the washing machine with the stained clothing you might want to read this first.

We’ll start with a warning from cleaning experts at a cleaning company in London that advise to never use any bleach on rust stains. Putting bleach on a rust stain might set it forever in your clothes and it will be impossible to remove.

First thing to do is to carefully inspect the stain and find out if it’s really a rust stain. There are a lot of substances that cause “rust-like” stains. Here are some of them: caramel, benzoyl peroxide, iodine and etc.

When you are sure that this is really a rust stain do not rush to put all kinds of chemicals on it. Actually natural products are best in this situation. First cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto the stain. When it’s soaked with the lemon juice, sprinkle some salt on and leave it for 24 hours work. Lemon has mild bleaching properties and is great for colourfast clothing. Occasionally reapply some lemon juice to keep the stain moist. After the lemon has done its miracle just rinse the clothing with plain cold water.

You can try another recipe to remove the stains if the first one fails. Make a solution from a ¼ tablespoon mild dish washing detergent and a cup of water. Soak the stain with the cleaning product and leave it to work for 5 minutes or so. Rinse the stain with cold water.
A good tip is to rinse the stain from the opposite direction that it came in. This will loosen it much better from the fabric.

I hope these tips were helpful and if you need any expert cleaning services, call at a cleaning agency in London.

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