How to Remove Scratches from Shellac Finishes

If you’ve scratched your favourite wooden table with shellac finish and you are in shock, then take a deep breath and calm down. In this post I will explain how to remove scratches from shellac finishes in no time, as effectively as possible.

If you’ve scratched the shellac finish of your wooden table, then you should learn how to restore its good look as effectively and quickly as possible. So, if this inconvenience really happened to you, then do not worry here you will learn how to remove scratches from shellac finishes by following a few simple steps:

For the procedure you will need: a small brush, pure acetone or some strong nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol.

1. Begin the procedure by dipping the small brush into the lacquer thinner that you’ve picked up for the procedure. If you do not have lacquer thinner, use nail polish remover instead. My friends who are working for a professional cleaning agency in London strongly recommend using appropriate lacquer thinner for this procedure, the nail polish remover is just an alternative.

2. Now, you have to gently brush the affected wood. The thinner should make the finish soften and fill in the scratch.

3. When you’ve repaired the finish successfully, let the surface sit overnight. In the morning, the finish will be hardened and the scratches will not longer be a problem for you. Depending on how large the damages are, you should use enough amount of the lacquer thinner. If necessary it would be good to advise a professional.

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