How to Restore Vintage Leather Gloves

Vintage items are extremely current and stylish. The meaning of the vintage like an expression is as a synonym of high-quality and authentic item. This is the reason why such clothes or accessories are so expensive. If you have a pair of stylish vintage leather gloves you should know that they are really vulnerable as a texture and require specialized treatment. No matter the origin and style of your leather gloves, preserving their good look can be a tricky chore. Fulfilled in the wrong manner may create serious and irreversible damage on their texture.

Learn how to restore your vintage gloves bright look from the following cleaners Kilburn tips on the subject:

As a start you should collect the right cleaning materials for such treatment. In this case you will need lanolin-based leather cleaner, mink oil and two soft clothes or appropriate brush that won’t damage the vulnerable material.

Restore your vintage leather gloves by using a lanolin-based leather cleaner. Take a soft cloth or a soft brush and rub the cleaning product into the leather. Use the exact amount as directed on the leather cleaner tag. Once your gloves look better, wipe the cleaner with a soft, dry cloth.

After this you should condition the vintage leather. For that purpose use mink oil. Rub the oil in with your hands to make it penetrate well enough into the material. According to cleaning Kilburn professionals the warmth of your hands will enable the oil to penetrate the gloves, restoring the material natural suppleness.

As a final effort take a clean, soft cloth or rag and buff the leather material gloves studiously with it. Proceed doing that until there are no more remaining of the mink oil.

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