How to Spend Less Time On Cleaning


Housecleaning is one of those things that no one likes to do in particular, but still it is needed for a good quality of life. The dream of every housekeeper is to do the cleaning fast and efficient at the same time. There are some tips for those of you who are also looking for efficient quick-house cleaning methods:

Apart from the general cleaning supplies that every household should have in bulk – brooms, mops, dust cloths etc. – equip yourself with professional cleaning supplies. They work faster and on a larger scale so that you will be able to finish with all the tasks in no time. Go to the local hardware and supplies store and consult the clerks there which specialized cleaning supplies will best fit your household’s needs.

  • Clean one room at a time. It is important to finish with all the things that need cleaning in a room before moving to the next one. In order to be even more systematic and efficient, work from the corner to the inner parts of the room. A powerful vacuum cleaner is essential to speed cleaning. Empty the bag and clean the filters of your vacuum cleaner so that you increase its suction power.
  • Wood and tile floors are cleaned the fastest with a steam cleaner, so consider investing in one. Nowadays they are not a luxury anymore and most models with the size of a vacuum cleaner, so they are also easy to operate.
  • Do surface cleaning in your bathroom daily. In that way no soap scum and dirt will have the opportunity to build up in there, making it virtually impossible to clean on your day scheduled for the bathroom deep cleaning.
  • Keep the clutter at bay by avoiding collection items that you neither need nor use. That includes magazines, newspapers, catalogues and spam mail. Go through all those things, decide on which you are going to keep and recycle the rest.
  • Organize your kitchen by making room for every item in it. Install additional hooks over the oven and arrange the drawers and cupboards so that each inch is used.
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