Incredible Bridge House in the Forest

If you have ever wondered what it would be if you lived in a forest, then you can take a look at this unique creation of the modern architecture. Fortunately, you do not need to freeze to death or get terrified by wild creatures and disgusting insects to have wonderful time in the woods. There are places where you can go and enjoy the nature completely. And this incredible forest home is one of them.

This unique bridge house was designed by Max Pritchard. It is situated in Adelaide, Australia and covers area of about 110 sq. metres. The project was completed in 2008 and it still fascinates people from all over the world with beauty and style.

The story behind this magic forest house begins with the desire of the clients for a permanent home in the woods, which can be used as a working place, as well. The bridge house is situated about one hour away from Adelaide, Australia. It was estimated that the project costs about $220 000.

The beautiful views from the windows in a combination with the river, passing below the house are just a few of the things that make me and my friends from Fantastic Cleaners London want a home like this one. Take a look at the following photos of this Earth’s paradise and spend a few minutes dreaming about how would you feel if you were living in such a wonderful home amongst the trees of a wild, virgin forest.


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