Is Jamie Oliver Right?

Jamie OliverHave you ever heard of Jamie Oliver? I bet, you have. This guy is a living legend. He is the father and creator of lots charity and social causes, which aim to help the British, American, and even Australian societies. He has helped lots of outcast teenagers to regain their dignity and respect, and to become someone by teaching them how to cook and giving them the chance to work in his renowned restaurants. He also fights to teach people start eating healthy food instead of takeaways and other junk food. His latest success was against McDonald’s, making the big fast food chain start using real burgers in their sandwiches. Anyway, I gave you just a few hints who Jamie Oliver is. There is a lot more to be mentioned about him, but I will stop here and get to the point of this post.

I found a post today which quotes Jamie Oliver from an interview for Good Housekeeping magazine. In this interview the 38-year-old TV chef says that young Brits are wet behind the years and are not as though workers as his generation has been at their age. He also says, that if it weren’t immigrants his restaurants would probably shut on the next day.

When I read this, I started asking myself, if Jamie was right. And this question was rhetorical. Of course, he was right. In the past we used to work more than today’s young Brits. It is not only Jamie’s industry that’s being supported by immigrants’ labour. He is not the only one who is being called by mummies of 23-year-olds telling him their sons are tired because of the long 48-hour working week. This is nonsense.

Jamie-Oliver-cooking-002The cleaning industry has the same problem, and if it weren’t immigrants most companies would probably close because there is no one to work for them. It is a pity how youngsters look at labour. I know that carpet cleaning is not a easy job and gets you really tired, but that’s part of our lives. You can’t become great for one day, you can’t become Jamie Oliver or Richard Branson in one day. You have to work hard to succeed. These guys have done it, owners of cleaning companies have done it, everyone has started from the bottom and that’s what young Brits should do, too.

Our society doesn’t need mummies’ boys and sissies, we need people who work hard to succeed. Complaining is not the option and no one has ever succeeded by complaining. If British youngsters want to become someone, if they want to be respected and promoted, they have to work as hard as immigrants. Brits are lucky to live in one of the most economically powerful countries in Europe and in the world, and they keep on complaining. There are other people coming from very poor European, Asian and African regions, who want to succeed and give their best to do it. They work hard, no matter if the job is in a kitchen, in an agricultural farm, or in the carpet cleaning industry. Our growing generation should take an example from them.

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