Jute Carpets – Great Interior Choice

jute rugWhen it comes to choosing carpets, people always search for natural fibre and make sure to stay away from the synthetic models. Some home owners gladly purchase synthetic carpets because they are cheaper and lighter. Little do they know, that artificial carpets’ cheap prices usually compensate with the money home owners will give for keeping them clean. Doesn’t sound like a great deal, right? Well, here is a combination of a natural fibre carpeting that comes in low price rates.

Jute is a herb cultivated mostly in India and Pakistan. Its fibres are one of the most sustainable material in the world. It’s widely used in the making of ropes, cloth, curtains and of course, carpets. Jute carpets can make a good impression as a floor cover, because of their aesthetic, gentle colours, which vary in the warm scale from tan to darker brown. For more interesting designs, they can also be dyed in any other colour.

A negative side is the fact that they tend to get lighter when exposed to direct sunlight. However, there are home owners who like this sort of quality. After all, for the seekers of functionality, this doesn’t reduce the carpet’s quality.

Very often, jute is combined with other natural fibres, like wool, in which case it gives exceptional elegance to your floor and makes it no less presentable than other natural, expensive carpets. Jute is bio-degradable and considered Eco-friendly. It’s the second most preferred plant fibre in the world. Jute carpets have the antistatic qualities a lot of people seek in a floor cover. They have no problems with high humidity, however, unlike the super resistance of the bamboo fibres, jute is able to keep microbes and mildew when exposed to excessive amounts of moisture.

This, however, doesn’t seem to discourage people from buying jute carpets. It’s an absolute must for people dedicated to green living. When not exposed to moisture, jute is hypo-allergenic and can be used by people with allergies. A carpet made from jute is very agile and elastic, which makes it easy to move in any type of room and any interior.

jute rugs2Because of this, it’s very easy to clean. A quick vacuuming and fast reaction to stains can not only clean the carpet with ease, but it also promises a longer life for your flooring. A stain should be washed with water and soap, no special detergents are needed. And after that it should be dried quickly.

And never forget, just like any other oriental type of carpet, jute carpets can also become an impressive decoration for your home. Another important thing is to deep clean them at least once every month or so. Carpets situated in high traffic areas at home require a lot of attention because they accumulate dust and other unsantiary agents in no time! Don’t hesitate to use professional carpet cleaning from time to time, too, because expert cleaners remove dirt which you can’t reach and even see.

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