Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, ladies and gentlemen – he is the new old winner of Ballon d’OR. The prize goes to him for the fourth time, which automatically proves that he is a living football legend. He enters the hall of fame at the tender age of 25, which is quite impressive. Lots of different football experts from around the world acknowledge and confirm his talent, and the fact that he received the most prestigious football award for the forth time in a row only strengthens their statements.

This year Messi won against Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta. Lots of specialists, including the coach of the Spanish national football team Vicente del Bosque, said that the award should go to Iniesta, because Spanish football deserves it, but the jury that votes didn’t think so. Although, Messi’s club and national team didn’t have any special achievements last year, the player himself set a few records and that is probably what gave him the lead in front of the other two contestants. He won the competition with 41,6 %, Cristiano Ronaldo got 23,68%, and Andres Iniesta received 10,91% of the votes.

Very few other footballers, nowadays, can compete with the talent of Messi. Zlatan Ibrahimovic once said about him, that anyone who doesn’t admit Messi’s brilliance on the field, and thinks that there is a better player in the world than him, either doesn’t know anything about football, or doesn’t know what they are talking about. I completely agree with this statement and admire the skills of the young Argentine.

With his success, Lionel Messi takes his place in the hall of fame next to legends such as Michel Platini, Johann Cruyff, and Franz Beckenbauer. He is the only football player in the world, who has ever won the Ballon d’OR four times, and his success will be remembered for many years. He has earned the respect of football experts, but in my opinion the best of his career is yet to come. The young Argentine has a lot more to show us, and I hope he will do it soon.

Source: BBC

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