List of Household Chores – Household Cleaning Checklist

Preparing a household chores checklist requires some simple organisational skills. Being able to cope with the list involves good time-management. However, the latter is pretty much related to how well the household chores list is prepared. It is much more than writing different tasks on a schedule. It involves good consideration and before all – willingness to follow the checklist and have a clean home.

The household chores list should involve a number of sections equal to the amount of rooms that your home has. A Kitchen, a living room, a dining room, 2 toilets and a bathroom means that 6 sections should be available.

Under where the sections’ name is written (example – Kitchen) there should be the bullets with the chores. Remember to leave some empty spaces if unexpected tasks occur. This way it will be easy to mark what has to be done this week.

Each section should have graphs for each day – this is where the check marks are put later.

A simple example of how useful this household chores checklist will be – if today is Monday, and I have filled out the checklist for this week’s responsibilities, I look under where M is written and go room by room (section by section). What more – just get the work done and enjoy a clean home with little but constant effort.

Remember to write with a pencil in order to be able to erese the check-marks and reuse the same checklist again.

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