New Year’s Resolution: Clean More but Faster

What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Have you already made a promise to yourself cut down on something? It is quite common for most people to set some goals and make a resolution to change their life, such as to get rid of a bad habit for example.

How do you imagine your cleaning routines in the next year? Did you manage to de-clutter, to remove old possessions and thus clear your home of last year’s the negativity?

New year comes with more cleaning, more domestic chores, and this is certain. The only way to skip the dreaded chores is to have someone else to perform them for you. This is a decent option when you have domestic cleaning professionals such as Fantastic Cleaners Twickenham at your disposal 24/7.

If you are a DIY-enthusiast, you can still try to improve your cleaning routines. Here is a selection of some New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions that will help you change your cleaning habits for the better.

1. “I will save money on cleaning products” – of course, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer using such, you can simply try to cut down on cleaning expenses. You can try green cleaning and prepare your own organic solutions.

2. “I will clean quickly” – this is the dream of every housekeeper. Cleaning, ok, it should be done, there is no excuse. Time is of the essence and the quicker you wash the dishes, empty the dust bin, declutter, vacuum and etc, the better. As you already see, a serious planning and organisation is required, but speeding the cleaning chores will clear some time off your busy schedule.

3. “I’ll never let clutter pile up” - A messy home requires not only cleaning but organization. Clutter is one of the biggest issues. Even if you clean often, dust all surfaces and etc. if you let clutter pile up daily, the mess still remains.

It is up to make the things you want happen in 2013. Change for the better and start from having a cleaner home-improvement.

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